Nanotechnology for marine industry

Weecoat07 is an anti-adherent coating with hydrophobic, oleophobic and rust-resistant properties.

Propellers with and without Weecoat07 after one month in a mussel farm platform.
Without weecoat
With weecoat
The application of Weecoat07 is the final process in the propellers manufacture, increasing durability whilst reduce rust and corrosion.
Today, engineering firms devote thousands of work hours and thousands of euros to the development of propellers with new shapes in order to make the most of every drop of fuel. However, this efficiency is reduced over time as a result of biofouling.
Propellers treated with Weecoat07 maintain their original design without adhesions, achieving design benefits throughout the useful life of the propeller.

The problem: Marine Biofouling

Marine biofouling is a problem that costs the merchant navy over 200 billion dollars a year. The phenomenon consists of the accumulation of organisms, such as algae, mussels and other organisms on the submerged part of the ship’s hull, increasing resistance in its movement through water, and hence increasing fuel consumption.
In just a few months, a ship’s propeller can be completely covered in marine organisms.
Increase fuel consumption
Increase noise
Increase vibration
Increase maintenance costs
Increase dry docks needs
At Weemetal, we have created a Joint Venture with Tecnan. Together we developed a product capable of eliminating these nuisances in bronze propellers.
Weecoat07 main properties

Heat resistence

-60oc to 350oc


Homogenous and without impurities/contaminations

Coating thickness

2-4μm of thickness

Easy to clean

Good non-stick properties getting 99% of the maximum possible score

Durability – Abrasion resistance

High durability and abrasion resistance, losing only 2% of it’s non-stick performance after 30,000 cycles of abrasion-cleaning combined.
Good resistance to solvent rub:>100

High heat shock resistance

The coating has good resistance to thermal shock and also protects the metal against discoloration produced by it arround 90/95%

Hardness – Scratching resistance

More than 9H hardness

Corrosion resistance

Delay of the first corrosion by more 75% in stainless steel and 1100% in aluminium

Accelerated aging

No change or deterioration observed after 1700h in accelerated aging chamber

Mechanical resistance

Impact resistance: ISO6272-1:2012 OK

Resistance to bending (1.5-2T): ISO1519:2011 OK

Drawing rsistance: ISO1520:1999 OK

Shear strenght OK

  • Good adhesion and long-lasting effect Improves slippage in water
  • Easy cleaning
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Anti-rust
  • Hydrophobic
  • NonStick
  • Reduces cavitation
  • Uncolored
  • Reduces noise vibration
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Optimal speed close to the maximum speed Reduces maintenance costs
  • Improves the life of the entire propulsion system

Weecoat07 is the best anti-biofouling solution for propeller care.

Armadora Pereira owns of one of the largest fishing fleets in Spain with more than 50 years of activity worldwide. Since the early development of Weecoat-07, Armadora Pereira has collaborated with us testing Weecoat-07 in their existing and new vessels. We have reached and agreement with them to keep applying Weecoat-07 in their propellers from now on.
“Due to its proven high performance after applying Weecoat-07 treatment in one our existing propellers, we have scheduled a plan to apply Weecoat-07 treatment in our propellers in following dry dockings and new buildings. Results have been much better than expected” Alfonso Magan, Grupo Pereira Fleet Manager

Company logo mirror polished in on of the blades
Underwater picture of a Weecoat07 treated propeller after 9 months of sailing.

Certifications approved

Impact resistance

UNE-EN ISO 6272-1:2012

Bend test

UNE-EN ISO 7438:2006
UNE-EN ISO 1519:2011

Cupping test

UNE-EN ISO 1520:1999

Cross-cut test

UNE-EN ISO 2409:2007
ASTM D3359
Clasification 0/5B

Wet-scrub test

UNE-EN ISO 11998:2006
10 years of self life

Scratching test

ASTM D3363
More than H9 hardness

Accelerated aging test

UNE-EN ISO 105-B02:2014

Shear Strength test